The following provides an outline of our basic conditions of entry. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure all our children and adults feel comfortable and safe while enjoying our premises.

Important:  Please do not visit The Play Pad if you or your child has experienced vomiting or diarrhea in the last 48 – 72 hours.

Toddler Time

Our toddler time is dedicated specifically for the little ones. We offer specific days and times for little ones under 3 years of age. Toddlers will utilize our designated soft play equipment to fine tune their motor skills and have a good time.



3+ Years

Indoor Zone: Indoor recreation for children and their caregivers (parents, etc.) via an obstacle course which includes a rockwall, slide, and other fun elements! 

Children shall be accompanied by their caregiver at all times.

Play Sessions are in 90min increments per ticket purchase. This allows us the opportunity to clean and sanitize the equipment after each group of patrons.

There are no age restrictions.

Each child should be accompanied by an adult. That adult is responsible for supervising his or her own child.

Children should wear clothes that are comfortable and that allows them to move around freely. Play Pad grip socks are required for each jumper.

The Play Pad does not allow any outside food.

The Play Pad is a cashless facility and does not accept any cash. However we do accept all major credit cards along with PayPal, Apple Pay Google Pay and Play Pad Gift Cards.

Opening Hours
Hours of Operation

Toddler Play: 
8am – 10am on Certain Days

Free Play:
Monday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Monday – Friday: 8:45am – 5pm