June 1-11

The Music Camp will be a joyful, engaging, music-making experience for young people who love MUSIC! The campers will have lots of fun while singing and dancing and creating a jingle for The Play Pad with a variety of outstanding age appropriate music. Campers will also receive instruction in voice learning, different instruments and musicianship, along with participating in musical activities and games.

This is guaranteed to be musical!!

185.00- Each week

June 14th – June 25th

This camp will be awesome for the camper that loves animals. During Camp Safari, campers will have the opportunity to do several activities pertaining to the wild. We will have a visit from the “reptile guy”, participate in a petting zoo, and do pony rides all in one week. This camp is guaranteed to be better than a trip to the zoo!

185.00 – Each week

June 28th – July 9th

The Goal of Nature/Garden camp is to foster an appreciation and love for nature and gardening and get a better understanding of where the food we eat comes from. This camp will also inspire young people to become environmentally responsible and conscientious with hands on, field based and experiential learning.

185.00 – Each week

July 12th – July 23rd

We will educate our campers about countries around the world using cooking to celebrate diversity and embrace difference. In this fun camp, young chefs will practice essential kitchen skills and master the fundamentals of cooking as well as explore various cultures. Some countries that will be “visited” include Italy, Canada, Mexico, China, and the United States. We look forward to having your little cooks!

185.00 – Each week

July 26th – August 6th

Arts and Crafts camp gives campers the opportunity to explore their creative interests in several different types of art by offering a diverse array of age appropriate activities.

185.00 – Each week

August 9th – August 20th

Put on your lab coats and get ready to experiment with all sorts of slimy, gooey creations during Icky Sticky Creation Week!  Campers will make slime, create explosions with soda, and create their own play-dough and more.

185.00 – Each week

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